MDF Festival 2018 - video
Five days of exhibitions, workshops, discussions on contemporary design, play with sound, light and image, and above all – unusual, even experimental and premiere concerts. Waiting for this year's edition of the festival, we invite you to watch what's behind us.
For some, it was controversial, for others it hit the nail on the head, but it was certainly awaited by everyone with the interest in the field. After all, such a festival as MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM has not yet existed, although experimental events and concerts outside the field of classical music are not rare at the Philharmonic in Szczecin. For the first time, however, they were compressed in five days and strengthened by a visual message, which certainly affected the reception of music. This was also the foundation of the festival.

Waiting for this year's second edition, we invite you to watch a video footage of MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival 2018.

During the five days of the MDF festival, the building of the Philharmonic in Szczecin was visited by over 5 thousand people interested in exhibitions, workshops, discussions on contemporary design, sound, light and image and above all – unusual and even experimental and premiere concerts. The guests took part in 17 different events. We wanted to encourage all participants of the festival to embark on creative searches and seek exceptional artistic experiences, and today we can certainly say that we did this with much success. The lively reactions of festival attendees who were willing to interact, their positive impressions and feedback we received after each event, and finally, a wide response in the media confirmed our belief that it is worth organizing events like MDF Festival.

/More info about the second edition of MDF Festival to come. Stay tuned!
27-03-2019, 13:50:00