Pani Pawlosky
Katarzyna Pawłowska (Pani Pawlosky) is an interdisciplinary artist, currently living and working in Szczecin. She deals with visual arts in a broad sense: from animated collages, video clips, to visualizations and audiovisual installations. She is a laureate of many film and audiovisual festivals in Poland and abroad. Her video works were shown during "Focus Poland", Beast International Film Festival in Portugal and at many video-art festivals around the world.
For several years, she has been collaborating with the Light Move Festival – the largest light festival in Poland, where she recently made a mapping on the facade of the Łódź Culture House. The artist's latest success is a collaboration with photographer Szymon Brodziak and a video mapping on the hundred-meter Huis ten Bosch in Nagasaki (1 Minute Projection Mapping competition in Japan). She is a stipendist of the Artist-in-Residence program of the President of Upper Bavaria and of the Artistic Scholarship of the Marshal of West Pomerania.
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The Philharmonic in Szczecin facade visualization screening