Philip Glass
Philip Glass was born in 1937 in Maryland, USA. A mathematician and philosopher by education, a composer by choice. An icon of contemporary music, representative of the minimalist trend. He is an American composer, who for mass culture is the same as Steven Spielberg for cinema or Mario Testino for fashion photography. Philip Glass proves that an extremely personal and individual approach to composition can provide both musicologists and critics who adore searching for the eighth philosophical bottom in the artist's work, and the average person – a corporation worker or police officer with unique experiences.
Glass's music is for anyone who has an ear and uses it to "pick up sounds". It allows you to rest and put yourself in a good mood. Such is Glass, three times nominated for an Oscar (for soundtracks to films: "Kundun", "Truman Show", "Hours"), winner of the Golden Globe (for the soundtrack to the movie "Truman Show") and BAFTA for "Hours ".